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Church Saint Petri: photo description (Hauptkirche Sankt Petri)

The Church St. Petri (St. Peter the Apostle) in Hamburg is one of the oldest, in terms of period of construction, and in addition the oldest functioning Church surviving today. The first mention of it marked with the year 1195, and it was built near the market, for which he received a first name of "the Church in the market". The first building was not the most remarkable, but what was built in its place in the Gothic style in the mid-14th century, caused admiration. Among the features of the temple to celebrate the construction of the first high tower and the famous pens, made in the form of lion heads, which, thankfully, has survived to the present day. The construction of the second tower was completed only in the 16th century, and more precisely, in 1516.

The Napoleonic period brought a lot of damage in Hamburg. In the same way as other churches, the Church of St. Petri had been used as stables for horses, therefore, suffered considerable damage. Suffered not only the interiors was partly destroyed and the building itself. Only to 1878 a complete restoration of the temple, and in addition was installed and the famous bronze spire accentuates the Gothic style.

This seems surprising, but the bombing of Hamburg during the Second world war did not affect the Church of Saint Petri. All parts of the Church remained unharmed, which further approved the temple as the main city. After the war, at the height of 132 meters were equipped with an observation deck. I must say that getting there is not so simple: 544 steps leading up to a great height, not conquer all. However, climbing to the platform, you can get an unforgettable impression of Hamburg, as the views are simply stunning.