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Church. Andrew: photo description St. Andreas)

St Andrew's Church is among the twelve major basilicas, Romanesque architectural style and is located in the city of Cologne. She is a three-nave Church, where successfully and harmoniously several styles. Her story began in the year 960, when the Archbishop of Cologne Bruno.

Today every tourist and resident of the city can see the late-Romanesque building built in the XII century, which two centuries later was built several chapels, and a Gothic choir. the intersection of the choir and transept (Central crossing) attracts special attention, because here stands an unusual tower with the roof folded.

The period of the Second world war has not spared the Basilica of St. Andrew, she was injured during the bombing. But all the damage was able to resolve very quickly, in 1947 it regained its original features. Values, as well as medieval paintings are partially intact.

In the interior of the temple you will see the font in the Gothic style. Period of its creation is the beginning of the XVI century, it is a stone vessel with eight faces with a height of 1.35 m. the Sculpture of Archangel Michael is located in the North-Western part sredokrestiya. He is depicted with a fiery sword and a spear. Before entering the side nave on the South side of the Church is a statue of wood, dedicated to St. Christopher, holding on his shoulder the infant Jesus Christ. In the crypt is kept the sarcophagus with the relics of albert the Great.