/ / Church. George: photos, description Kirche St. Georg)

Church. George: photos, description Kirche St. Georg)

Church. George is different from other sites of Ulm, its history is not rooted in the deep middle ages, but it is no less interesting. The construction of the garrison Catholic Church lasted 2 years, was completed in 1904 and since then the appearance and the interior of the building has remained almost unchanged. Restoration was completed in 1977 and 1995, limited only to repair and update. In 1920 the Church. George became a Catholic parish in this capacity exists now.

The original draft of the Freiburg architect max Meckel, combines the features of pozdneskifskogo style and his own unique ideas. Therefore, when he reached us almost unchanged, the Church. George was recognized as a cultural monument of special significance. This magnificent structure is a three-nave Basilica with a height of 38 meters with a tiled roof. The unusual dome tower, located across the entire width of the nave of the building, covered with copper and reaches a height of 68 meters. The interior of the Church, rich in paintings and sculptures are also made in the late Gothic style by the best masters of that time. The Catholic community of Ulm has managed to preserve not only the building of the Church, but its unique body, established in the year of the consecration of the temple.

On the former garrison appointment today resemble a stylized image of oak trees in the painting of the ceiling, which are symbols of faith of the German people".