/ / Church. George: photos, description (Ordenskirche St. Georgen)

Church. George: photos, description (Ordenskirche St. Georgen)

The Church of St. George, also known as the Church of Hagia Sophia, is located in the North-Eastern part of the Bavarian town of Bayreuth. The temple is in Baroque style. Interestingly, to maintain the symmetrical layout of the city, built the Church is not oriented to the East, as is customary in the Christian tradition.

The first stone of construction was laid in 1705. The Church was named in honor of the crown Princess the Bayreuth Principality of Sofia. Margrave George of Brandenburg, a descendant of Frankish Hohenzollerns was not anxious to complete the temple was even dedicated date - the day of St. George, celebrated on 23 April. The consecration took place in 1711, but the work has not yet been fully completed.

Interior decoration is made very pretentious and elegant, in accordance with typical of the era of Baroque. The Church has a painted ceiling and upper galleries. Many parts are made by Elias Rantzen, famous artist of the first half of the XVIII century and the court master of the Bayreuth Margrave. In 1715, he made the front part of the Church body.

The Cathedral served not only the Evangelical Church, but as Church of the order of St. George, founded by the same Margrave George in 1705. For him near the Church was built a separate Palace, completed only in 1727, after the death of the Margrave. Subsequently from that small meeting has grown famous knight of the Prussian order of red eagle, formally established in 1792. The Church served as a meeting place for members of the order. Later it was decorated with 83 surname coat of arms of knights of this order.