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Church. Of Gereon: photo description St. Gereon)

The Church of St. Gereon is among the oldest landmarks of the city of Cologne. Its history dates back to IV century. It was during this period was rather powerful structure, located on one of the burial grounds. Historians believe that the Basilica acquired its name in honor of one of the soldiers of the Theban Legion of Gereon of Cologne.

As a Church, this structure was described in the V century, when the city ruled the dynasty of the Merovingians. Then, the Basilica was considered a significant Church in the entire Eastern part of the Empire. There is an opinion that it became the burial place for some of the Frankish kings. The first Bishop of the city of Cologne was also buried in the Basilica of St. Gereon.

In the first half of the ninth century, the Church became the monastery in 1069 to her building, attach a long choir, side towers and a new crypt. Two centuries later the nave of the building is covered by an oval dome is an impressive size, his height was approximately 34.5 meters. The appearance of the temple, finally created in the XIII century, has survived to the present time.

In 1920 the Church of St. Gereon received the status of a Minor Basilica. During the Second world war the building was greatly damaged, but was later carried out restoration works ended only in 1984. This Church is considered to be truly outstanding sacral building that combines both Romanesque and late antique architecture. Inside the temple you can see frescoes extant, among them is the image of the last judgment, Gereon, and other soldiers of the Theban Legion, as well as tapestries 1765, showing moments from the life of St. Joseph.