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Church. Jacob: photos, description (St. Jakob)

In Bamberg is quite a large number of churches, one of the oldest of them is St. James's Church, which is located in the city centre near the Old town hall. The construction of this magnificent temple began in the XI century, when the Bishop was Herman I. This three-aisled Basilica, designed in the Romanesque style, is only slightly younger than the Cathedral of Bamberg.

Work on the construction of the Church lasted for years and ended only in the period when the head of the city stood the famous Bishop named Otto I of Bamberg. The temple was initially located outside the city walls and served as the place where you could come to numerous pilgrims. They came here because here was the famous pilgrims ' route to Santiago de Compostela in the North-Spanish town, where the tomb of the Apostle James. According to the legend, in 44 year there sailed the boat with the body of the Apostle.

Only in the XVIII century the Church was decorated with a façade in the Baroque style. In the same period of time there is an amazing fresco in the interior of the temple, it is located above the Central crossing. It depicts scenes that reflect moments of the life of the Apostle James. At the end of the XIX century the Church was reconstructed, but it tried to do so, to preserve all its unique elements.

In order to shape the Church of St. James for many years has delighted tourists and residents for its grandeur and beauty, in the 90-ies of XX century was carried out major restoration of the temple. Currently, this Romanesque Church is the only one in Bamberg, executed in the style of architecture. The Church tower is decorated with five bells, two of them were cast in the XIV century by an unknown artist.