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Church. Katarina: photo description St. Katharina Kirche)

The Catholic Church of St. Catherine is located in the new Spa Park in the Hessian town of bad Soden (Taunus). This settlement is known primarily as a Spa resort with healing, carbonate chloride-sodium waters, in force since 1567.

The first Church on the site dated to the XV century. After the reformation it was transformed into the Lutheran Church, and thus his coming from local Catholics. Only in the mid-nineteenth century, when treated in this resort the beginning to gather more and more people, including Catholics, the question arose about the return of the Cathedral to the Catholic Church. In 1864 a new chapel was consecrated in honor of St. Catherine of Alexandria. Catholic parish Soden was founded only in 1872, and at the same time, work began on the interior decoration of the temple. In 1893 it was placed in the wooden main altar, designed in the Gothic revival style, and after 10-15 years the Church acquired a three side altars.

The old bell was lost after the First world war, and in 1927 they were re-cast. A year later he completed the bell tower.

In 1954 it was decided to demolish the Church and build a new one. The reason for this decision was the fact that the old Church was too small in size to accommodate all parishioners. In addition, it was badly damaged during the Second world war. The construction of the new Church, also dedicated in honour of St. Catherine, ended in 1957, at the same time there is a new body. The exterior of the building typical of the style of postwar architecture.

In 1964, the Church opened a kindergarten. At the same time in the Cathedral was buried Baginski Max, a German businessman, through which the Church of St. Catherine and received right on second life.