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Church. Kuniberta: photo description St. Kunibert)

The Church of St. Cunibert refers to the number of twelve large Romanesque basilicas of Cologne is considered the youngest of them. There is a legend about the construction of this Church, which tells that in the sixth century a missionary by the name of Kunibert founded the Church of St. Clement, and he subsequently became not only a Bishop, but the king's Advisor, and after death was buried in this Church. In 1210, with the assistance of the Archbishop of Trier was built a new Church, which from the old structure remained only the crypt.

Kunibert Basilica was destroyed several times during its existence. Reasons was the fires, or military actions and bombing. The main damage to the building was caused during the Second world war, restoration work to return the original appearance of the Church was delayed for several decades and could end only in 1985.

The architecture of the temple is a three-aisled Basilica, whose Western part was attached a square tower, and a lobby. The Central nave consists of three tiers and columns is limited to a rectangular shape at the base. Amazing sculptures adorn the columns sredokrestiya - they depict scenes of the Annunciation. It is believed that in 1439, they were created by Queen Conrad.

Under the choir of the Basilica you can see the crypt where the "bucket of Kunibert", which is a well of water that cures infertility. Previously, it was common belief that children prior to his birth, playing at the bottom of this well, together with the Virgin Mary. And the water well is not a dark and scary mine, and very bright place. Currently, the mine closed the hatch, made by Elmar Hillebrand.