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Church. Leodegar: photo description St. Leodegar)

The parish Catholic Church of Saint Leodegar located in the municipality of bad Bellinger in the Federal state of Baden-württemberg, on the border with France. The first mention of the construction of this place dates back to 1296, while the modern Church building was made much later.

The oldest surviving part of the building - a Gothic vaulted choirs, Dating from 1624 year. The walls and the bell tower was rebuilt in 1780. They are referred to as mixed style: there are elements of both late Baroque and early classicism. At the same time near the main temple was attached a small chapel of St. Odile. The Cathedral was consecrated in honor of Leodegar - Bishop of Poitiers and Autun and Martyr, who lived and preached in the seventh century.

Badly damaged during the Second world war the Church was restored in the fifties of the XX century.

The Church surrounds the cemetery. The building itself is different with a hipped roof. The three-story bell tower crowned with a graceful Baroque dome with a lantern, while the height of the second floor in its wall, a statue of the blessed virgin Mary, made in 1879. On the top of the tower has an observation deck, which offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Of the three bells one, the smallest, was completed in 1866, it depicts St. Sebastian.

Inside the Church is decorated elegantly, but without excessive luxury. The main altar dedicated to the patron Saint of the temple, the Holy Leodegar, was completed in 1791. The side altars depict the Lamentation and the martyrdom of St. Sebastian, they both belong to 1738. Of particular interest is the chair in classical style, decorated with floral stucco. Its canopy is carved symbols of the four evangelists. This entire ensemble was made in 1797 by an unknown master in Freiburg. The Church organ is placed above the Western entrance to the temple and dates back to 1896, although its original version was made a century earlier.