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Church. Mary Capitol: photos, description (St. Maria im Kapitol)

St. Maria im Kapitol is located in the city centre of Cologne. This beautiful vintage building was built in early Romanesque style and draws its originality and uniqueness. This monumental structure is the largest Romanesque Church in Cologne. Currently, this Church is not just a cultural landmark, it operates and is open to everyone.

On the site of the Church of St Mary of the Capitol in the first century was a temple dedicated to the Roman gods of the Capitoline triad. It is from here in the future and went the modern name of the Church. This Church is a Basilica, which is made in the shape of a trefoil with a Central nave and a transept.

In the X century in the Basilica thanks to the efforts of the Archbishop of the city was founded a convent. It was named in honor of St. Mary and played a significant role in the spiritual life of Cologne. This Church was second in importance to the Cathedral. The bells of St. Mary's Church in the Capitol for many centuries signalled and notified residents about the danger.

Like many other facilities of this Basilica are unable to escape damage during the Second world war. During the bombing the building was very much damaged, but the government took a decision on complete restoration of the Church. In 1984 has ended the restoration work, the Basilica acquired its original appearance. Moreover, the emphasis was to give the building the appearance that it had in the XI century. Currently, St. Maria im Kapitol keeps within its walls a large collection of art of the middle Ages.