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Church. Martin: photos, description (Gross Sankt Martin)

The Church of St. Martin is among the most famous basilicas of Cologne, designed in the Romanesque architectural style. It is located right in the city centre, where it is pretty tightly surrounded by various buildings of the late twentieth century.

The history of this beautiful temple began in the XII century, then built on that Foundation, which was one of the more ancient buildings of another era of the Romans. For several centuries the monastery Church of Benedictine monks, but in the period of secularization it became a regular parish Church. Unfortunately, in the period of hostilities of the XX century Basilica were significantly damaged, its restoration continued until 1985. Currently, the Church of St. Martin is open to everyone.

From the past interior decoration and interior design, almost nothing has survived to the present day. Surviving here is the altar, which was made at the beginning of the XVI century, it is in a side nave. An outstanding sculptural group depicting scenes of the Passion of Christ. Each of them is framed with a special Gothic arch made of Sandstone. The author of these sculptures is considered Tilman van der Burch, who worked in Cologne in the fifteenth century.

Near the crucifix is the baptismal font, hewn from stone in the thirteenth century. It is made in the form of an octahedron, it is decorated with a frieze of water lilies. Historians think that previously, the font was in the Church of St. Bridget, but was later given by Leopold III the Church of St. Martin. The special value of the Church is the triptych of the adoration of the Magi.