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Church. Martin: photos, description (Martinskirche)

Catholic Church. Martin is located in the heart of Bamberg, close to the Old town hall. Every tourist can visit here if you come to the island, located between the two arms of a beautiful river Regnitz. This temple charms with its appearance and does not leave any visitor indifferent.

St. Martin's Church made in the Baroque style, it was built thanks to the efforts of the representatives of the Jesuit order in the late XVII century. A sample was taken from the Church of Il Gesu, located in Rome. The architects of this amazing structure was made by George and Leonard Dienzenhofer, they are carefully supervised all the construction work, which lasted for 7 years. Upon completion of construction in 1693 the Church was consecrated in the name of Jesus Christ, and three years later it was decorated with new attached bell tower.

The interior of the temple can be seen today in the surviving works of the talented Flemish painter Oswald Ungers. The images of such saints as Francis Xavier and Ignatius Loyola admire its uniqueness and beauty. Special attention deserves the dome of the Church where it is possible to consider the work of Giovanni Francesco's Martini. Looking at the facade, it is impossible not to notice the wonderful figure of the virgin and Jesus Christ, and some saints.

In the period of secularization in the country in 1806, this Church became a parish Church and was subsequently consecrated in the name St. Martin. This amazing man was in the cavalry, he once gave to a beggar on the road: striped hat. After he left military service, Martin for several years lived a recluse in the desert called Ligui. Later from there he was summoned to Tours, where he was proclaimed Bishop. Today, the Church of St. Martin is considered the highest parish in Bamberg.