/ / Church. Michael: photos, description (Hauptkirche Sankt Michaelis)

Church. Michael: photos, description (Hauptkirche Sankt Michaelis)

St. Michael's Church is the Evangelical main Church of Hamburg is among the most important buildings of the Northern part of Germany. The magnificent temple, designed in the late Baroque style, was dedicated to the Archangel Michael. It is located in the southern district of the New city, and its towers can be seen even from the ships that are sent to the port.

The history of this Church began in XVI century when Wilhelm V the Pious gave the go-ahead for its construction. The cost of one of the main strongholds of the Counter-reformation was so great that the state almost came to bankruptcy. The facade is built of St. Michael's Church was decorated with the figure of Christ, which somewhat resembled the traditional hall of the middle ages. At the entrance is a bronze figure of the Archangel, created in the late sixteenth century.

After the erection of the building was expecting a lot of tests, one of which was the substantial destruction of one of the towers. In 1648 the next phase of construction took Peter Maryrdom and Christoph Corvinus. Unfortunately, in 1750, the bell tower of the Church collapsed as a result of a severe fire resulting from a lightning strike. Despite this, in the following year was started the construction of new buildings, but the project proposed by the Successor Johann Leonard and Ernest George by Tanninim. In 1786, before the residents saw a new Church, the decoration of which was very elegant but at the same time the roof color.

Here was located the Royal crypt, where were buried William V, elector Maximilian, and Ludwig II and numerous saints whose names are set because of the military destruction of the past is impossible.

Currently, the Church of St. Michael, made in the Baroque style, is one of the major churches of Hamburg, attracting a large number of not only Christian pilgrims but also tourists.

The original 132-meter tower of the Church of brick and iron contains the largest clock tower in Germany. Just above the clock is a viewing platform overlooking the magnificent views of the city, the Elbe river and the Alster lake.