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Church. Michael: photos, description (Sankt-Michael-Kirche)

The Catholic parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel is located in Berlin, on the border between the districts Mitte and Kreuzberg. The temple is built in the neoclassical style, with many of its elements, including the main facade, reminiscent of a typical Italian, mostly Venetian Church of the Renaissance. The building consists of three naves and transept.

This is the second Cathedral of St. Jadwiga Catholic Church in the German capital. It was built by order of the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm IV and was intended for officers, whose garrisons were placed in the next quarter. Therefore, the Church was consecrated in honor of St. Michael the Archangel, the patron Saint of the military. The construction was finally completed in 1861.

The number of parishioners of this Church afterwards greatly increased, and therefore, it was decided to establish a full-fledged parish. By the beginning of XX century, the new parish of Saint Michael consisted of up to 20 thousand people.

Before the temple was part of the working area Luisenstadt known for their severe living conditions and frequent disturbances. Therefore, since the late nineteenth century when the Church began to operate a variety of charities that help the unemployed, was founded the Fund of the virgin Mary, workers who cared for patients and worked as a kindergarten. Many abbots of the Church fought against the national socialist movement.

During an air RAID in February 1945 the Church was almost completely destroyed. Miraculously survived only walls, the main facade and the dome, and the interior decorations were destroyed, including the famous organ. Funds for the restoration of the temple began to gather immediately after the Second world war, and in 1953, Church services were resumed. In 1957, was cast new bells, and in 1960 in the Cathedral gained a new body.

After the construction of the Berlin wall, the Church of St. Michael were on the territory of East Berlin, while its members lived mainly in the West. So on the other side was built a new Church. However, the Soviet authorities have not forgotten about the Church - since the seventies, has resumed the restoration work ended after the unification of Germany. In 1993, the pediment of the temple was again crowned with the figure of the Archangel Michael was made an exact copy of the lost in the war of the statue of authorship Aug kitty. In 1999 he was restored mosaic over the main portal of the Cathedral depicting the Annunciation.

The number of parishioners over a hundred hard years has decreased significantly - now there are about 800. It is worth noting that the temple is still not fully repaired, he is also partially missing roof, and therefore, services are held only in certain areas.