/ / Church. Michael: photos, description (Jesuitenkirche St. Michael)

Church. Michael: photos, description (Jesuitenkirche St. Michael)

The history of the construction of St. Michael's Church is closely connected with the reign of William V the Pious. During the Counter-reformation, he allowed the Jesuits to build this Church, which became the largest Renaissance Church North of the Alps. The cost of its construction almost resulted in the bankruptcy of the state. Begun in 1583, the construction was interrupted by the crash of one of the towers. In 1597 the Church was consecrated.

The three-storey facade of the Church of St. Michael, is divided by powerful contours, similar to the town hall. The end forms a sharp triangular pediment. Under the marble portal at the entrance "stands guard" was created in 1588 bronze statue of the Archangel Michael in the fight against Evil in the world. In the niches are stone statues Wittelsbach princes.

Inside the Church under the choir is Wittelsbachs the Royal crypt, where are buried among others, Duke Wilhelm V, elector Maximilian and the "fairytale king" Ludwig II. On the North side of the Church is the cancer with the relics of saints Cosmas and Damian (circa 1400).