/ / Archaeological Museum Hamburg: photo description (Archaeologisches Museum Hamburg)

Archaeological Museum Hamburg: photo description (Archaeologisches Museum Hamburg)

The archaeological Museum of Hamburg, which is also called the Helms Museum is one of the best in the city. The collection of exhibits, which allows us to trace the dynamics of the development of the history and culture of Lower Saxony, and interesting scientists, and tourists. For this Museum, which opened its doors after reconstruction in 2009, it is characteristic that the visitors can not just see the exhibits, but to touch them, to feel the atmosphere of antiquity.

The official date of the opening of the Museum historians believe 1925, and it was located in the Villa Helms (hence his first name). However, the history of the Museum counts with the earlier period, from 1898, when the Helms came up with the idea to found the Hamburg Museum society. Initially, exhibits were few, but soon enough, Helms realized that it needed to expand. The vicissitudes of the development of the Museum was completed in 1972, when it became officially known as the Archaeological Museum Hamburg.

The separate exposition of the Archeological Museum dedicated to the history of Hamburg. Also in the building, located on Museum square, a library, rooms for temporary exhibitions, office space, a glass extension. The modern Museum houses one of the preserved 12th-century attractions are the Episcopal Cathedral. It also has more ancient archaeological findings - traces of the settlement of the 8th century.

Today the Archaeological Museum of Hamburg distinguished by the fact that it is a large variety of educational activities. Children who are passionate about archeology, can participate in learning exhibits, the Museum also hosts lectures, practical classes, and organizes other interesting events for children and adults.