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Church. Michael: photos, description (Friedhofskirche St. Michael)

Catholic Church of St. Michael is located in bad Griesbach im Rottal in the Bavarian region of Passau. It is a brick building that combines features of late Gothic and Baroque. The temple is located on the Schlossberg in the center of the village, close to the Palace Griesbach.

Interesting history of this building. The original Church served as the chapel of the castle of Griesbach, which rises on a city hill even with 1076. After the reconstruction of the Palace in the middle of the XV century the Church was rebuilt in the late Gothic style as a stand-alone structure. The Cathedral's bell tower is made in Baroque and topped with typical South German churches onion. In 1634, the temple became the centre of the parish and remained so for nearly two centuries, as early as 1805, began the secularization of Church lands.

In the early twentieth century sacred buildings were returned to the Catholic Church, but in 1911 was founded another parish center at the Cathedral of the Holy Family, the construction work of which was completed in 1913. The reasons for the creation of the new parish was associated with an increase in the number of believers and a small Church of St. Michael could not accommodate everyone. Holy Family Church is interesting with its altar in 1915 and preserved it furnished the first half of the twentieth century. The bell tower of the new Church reaches 56 metres in height.

In turn, the Church of St. Michael has lost its importance as a parish Church, however, was not abandoned. Now here held memorial services, as around the broken Cathedral, the town's main cemetery, where you can find old tombstones and monuments, made in the XIX century.