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Church. Nicholas: photos, description (Nikolaikirche)

Church. Nicholas is one of the sights of Leipzig, and also the largest and ancient temple city. She became widely known thanks to two developments: first, it was in this Church in 1723, Johann Sebastian Bach successfully passed the exam for the post of Cantor of the choir of the Church, and secondly, near its wall in 1989 was a peaceful demonstration that led to the reunification of Germany.

This ancient temple dedicated to St. Nicholas, founded in 1165 as an urban Church Otto Meisner. Originally it was a three-nave Romanesque Basilica, which was supplemented by two towers on the West side. To 1525 the Church was rebuilt in late-Gothic Church. The capitals of white-pink columns of the augmented light green palm leaves. From 1539, this structure of amazing beauty is used as a Evangelical Lutheran Church. Over the years of its existence it was rebuilt several times, with the result that has been complemented by various elements. Was completed mid tower on the West side of the portal and surmounted by a dome in Baroque style according to the project of Johann Zinkeisen. The changes also affected the Romanesque entrance that was replaced with a simple Baroque portal.

The interior of the Church. Nicholas after reconstruction acquired features of early classicism. From the eighteenth century to the present, has preserved a pulpit made of Sandstone, decorated with various sculptural reliefs. Walls and dome are decorated with paintings owned by the artist Friedrich Ezer. Special attention is drawn on the end of the XIX century, created by Frederick Ladegast.