/ / Church. Nicholas: photos, description (Ehemalige Hauptkirche St. Nikolai)

Church. Nicholas: photos, description (Ehemalige Hauptkirche St. Nikolai)

The Church of St. Nicholas in Hamburg is now serving as a memorial of the horrors of war in the memory for posterity. It was completely destroyed during the Second world war and was not restored. Of the building is preserved only the main tower, designed in the Gothic revival style. Interestingly, from 1874 to 1876, this bell tower was the tallest building in the world. It reaches a height of 147 meters.

On this spot once stood several churches from different eras, consecrated in honor of St. Nicholas. All of them suffered an unenviable fate: they are burned in numerous fires, the last of which happened in may, 1842. In 1846 began the construction of a new Lutheran Church, commanded the construction of the famous English architect, a kind of expert in the Gothic revival style by sir Gilbert Scott. The work was completed in 1863.

The high spire of the tower served as a good benchmark for the air force, so during the Second world war, the Church was subjected to aimed fire. Surprisingly, the tower itself has survived, while the roof of the Cathedral collapsed. After the war, many damaged temples were restored, and in the case of Church of St. Nicholas had no reason to refuse restorations, but it decided to raze to the ground, leaving only the belfry.

Only in 1987, began collecting funds for the restoration came already in disrepair the tower. Foundation was established "save the Church of St. Nicholas", thanks to which this monument of neo-Gothic architecture really was saved. In the crypt was equipped information centre, telling the history of the Cathedral. And in 1993 from the tower for the first time in many years sounded the bells - was installed a Carillon of 51 bells.

As the memorial Church of Kaiser Wilhelm in Berlin, St. Nikolai Church in Hamburg was abandoned in the not-restored condition for the edification of posterity, in order to prevent such wars and destruction.

In September 2005, the tower at around 75 meters was opened observation deck, accessible by Elevator. It offers magical views of Hamburg, in particular the nearby Speicherstadt (Speicherstadt).