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Church. Paul: photos, description (Pauluskirche)

Church. Paul is another garrison Church of Ulm was built in the early 20th century for the needs of the soldiers, and presently the parish. The proposal of the Ministry of war on the construction of the Evangelical Church for the soldiers of the garrison of Ulm was considered by the city Council in 1864 and was rejected with reference to freedom of religion and the impossibility of visiting the Church in the form of an order. Only after the construction of the Catholic garrison Church. George in 1905 a decree was issued on the basis of the Evangelical Church and a competition design of the building, accommodating 2000 people.

At the end 1906 of the seven contest projects were selected the original project of Theodor Fischer in art Nouveau style. Solemn consecration of the Church. Paul on November 5, 1910, in the presence of the Royal couple.

This building of unusual shape is completely made of rare cult structures of the material — concrete, not even hidden by plaster. Two cylindrical towers with a height of 50 meters resemble the dome of the Syrian churches. On the other side of the building is the nave with its round shape, choirs and organ. Installed at the entrance of concrete statues, heraldic symbols: gegenstucke württemberg lion and stag. In 60-ies was substantially modified, the interior of the Church. Paul: installed new Windows, mosaic floors, a reconstructed altar, made a new painting. Unfortunately, when this restoration was lost many of the original elements of decoration in the art Nouveau style.