/ / Church. Panteleeva: photo description St. Pantaleon)

Church. Panteleeva: photo description St. Pantaleon)

The Church of St. Panteleimona located near the Cologne Cathedral and is among the largest basilicas of the city, administered by the special Fund for support of Romanesque churches. Historians claim that the first written mention of this Basilica dates back to the year 866, and in 995 here is based Benedictine monastery thanks to the efforts of Archbishop Bruno.

The Church of St. Panteleone is among the most ancient spiritual buildings of the city, the first relics placed inside, was brought during the reign of the Carolingian kings. Up to the present time preserved some fragments of statues and sculptures that were created in the X century. The entire Western part of the temple along with the lobby reached our days in its original form.

Initially, this temple is one-nave Church, but in 1160 it was rebuilt into a three-nave Basilica. After significant expansion and construction of the fortifications of Cologne, the Church was in the city. With the first half of the XVII century in the architectural style of the building introduces an element of Baroque, of that detail up to the present time preserved the decoration of the choir, as well as the heel body.

In 1757, the Church of St. Pantaleone came to the emergency condition, for this reason it was decided to carry her tower on each side and build the other, but smaller in size and height. Later the Basilica was used as stables and the garrison Church. During the period of hostilities of the XX century the Cathedral suffered greatly from shelling and bombing, but as a result of the restoration and recovery works managed to return its original appearance in the Romanesque style, with some Baroque elements.