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Church. Paulina: photo description St. Paulin)

The Church of St. Paulin is located outside the historical centre of Trier, in 1 km on North from the Market square. The combination of Baroque and Rococo, the rich decoration of the temple make this one of the most beautiful in the city.

The first Church on this place was built in the 4th century BC as a tomb Trier Archbishop of St. Paulina, famous for the preaching of Christianity among the Gentiles. Some time later, she received the status of monastery Church. Three centuries later, the ancient building suffered as a result of the Norman invasion, and finally destroyed by fire in 1093. Only in the middle of the 12th century monastery and Church of St. Paulin was completely renovated and re-consecrated. Since that time nearly five hundred years of the heyday of the monastery.

After the destruction by French troops in 1674 the Church was again restored in the extant form. By the late 18th century it was installed and consecrated the gold-plated altar and carried out a complete reconstruction of the interior of the Church. Of particular interest are the sumptuous paintings in the Church representing scenes from the life of St. Paulina, and other events of the early Trier, including the execution of soldiers of the Theban Legion. The remains of six thousand victims for the faith of the soldiers buried in the crypt of the Church of St. Paulina next to the electorate of Trier (sarcophagi of archbishops.

After the dissolution of Monastyrev the early 19th century, the Church of St. Paulin, became parish Catholic Church, as it exists in our days.