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Church. Peter: photos, description (Peterskirche)

The Lutheran Church of St. Peter is located in the centre of the Saxon town of Leipzig. She not only performs worship, but is also a venue for concerts, theatrical performances and exhibitions. The building is made in neo-Gothic style.

The first building of St. Peter's Church dates back to 1507. After the reformation it was converted into an ammunition dump, and in 1712 it was rebuilt again. However, in seventies of the XIX century for the convenience of the parishioners it was decided to build a new Church in another place. The building was completed in 1885, and "Old St. Peter" was demolished a year later.

The bell tower of the Church, component of the 87 meters high, is the tallest building in the city. Sleeker just decorated West portal of the Cathedral.

During an air RAID in 1943, the Church was badly damaged: he has a collapsed roof, which could not recover. Repair work began only in the seventies, and finally ended at the junction of XX and XXI centuries. And only in 2009 the bell tower was re-crowned with a graceful Gothic spire, at the foot of which were set face watch.

The interior of the Church refers to 1886, and for the most part managed to keep and with the utmost precision to restore. Of particular interest are the stained glass Windows. A large body of 1885, which was destroyed during the Second world war, still under reconstruction, while small, made in 1900, survived.

St. Peter's Cathedral is also of interest that it is here every summer takes place the famous festival of Gothic music.