/ / Church. Suitbert: photo description St. Suitbertus)

Church. Suitbert: photo description St. Suitbertus)

The Church of St. Suitbert is in the old part of Duesseldorf called Kaiserswerth. Since 1982, she was recognized as a monument of architecture and history, protected by the government.

The first mention of this Church belong to the VII century, it was during this period of time, Suitbert built a monastery on the island, which gave him majordom the Pepin II to flee from the pursuing Saxons. Holy Suitbert founded on this spot St. Peter's Church. The concourse of pilgrims to the temple began only in the ninth century, almost a hundred years after the death of its founder.

In Church history there were many attacks and destructions, as in the VIII century it attacked the Saxons, and in the IX century the Normans. After this the Church began to rebuild, it then it becomes a three-nave Basilica in Romanesque style. In the XIII century was built a Gothic choir, and in 1264 in this abode of faith Suitbert transported the relics stored in the Church in a special gilded reliquaries.

1870 marked as a year of extensive renovation, was completed four Church towers, but in the period of the Second world war, once again everything was destroyed during the bombing.

Despite all the destruction that befell the temple of the Holy Suitbert over the years, he constantly rebuilt. If it was a small monastery of calcareous tufa, after the restoration in 1990, it became a large Church with beautifully decorated particularly beautiful stained-glass Windows, unique and unusual atmosphere.