/ / Church. Severina: photo description St. Severin)

Church. Severina: photo description St. Severin)

The Church of St. Severin is one of the most beautiful sights of Cologne. This Basilica, designed in the Romanesque style, attracts many tourists. She is a former monastery Church, the status of Minor Basilica was given to her in 1953.

On the site of the present Church in the fourth century rose a small rectangular building, supplemented with apse oriented to the West. The Church was insignificantly expanded only two centuries later, and for the construction of large and new buildings began only in the X century. According to the historians, the reason to build a new Church, could serve as the transfer here of the relics of St Severin, in honor of him and named the modern Church.

Rebuilt in the XIII-XIV centuries, the Eastern and southern part of the temple was preserved not completely. Today parishioners and visitors can see only fragments of the South apse and masonry of 1237.

Originally the Basilica of St. Severin was erected in the Romanesque architectural style, but to the XV century it was decided to rebuild it in Gothic style, resulting in 1393 was completely destroyed West tower. The beautiful Gothic arch, which has come down to the present time, was erected in the year 1500.

Hall crypt, which appeared in the Basilica in 1043, had three naves, separated by ten columns. Getting there can be only two stairs, located near Chora. In the process of rebuilding the choir in the thirteenth century it was decided to enlarge the crypt on two flights.

During the wars of the XX century has suffered major Cologne attractions, the Church of St. Severin is no exception. To have survived only a few remnants and fragments of the past of a beautiful building of the Basilica.