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Church. Stefan: photo description (Stephanskirche)

In Bamberg you can see lots of different sights, but particularly noteworthy are the churches and temples with its magnificent appearance delight the eyes of tourists and residents. One of such beautiful places is the Evangelical Church of St. Stephen, located in the Old town.

Earlier on this temple there was a small monastery, founded in the beginning of XI century. In that era the Bishop of Bamberg was Eberhard I. According to some assumptions, it is influential wife of Emperor Henry II Kunigunda - insisted that the monastery was built. Already in the year 1020 Pope Benedict VIII consecrated it, but, unfortunately, the original building had not reached the present times.

Construction work on the construction of the modern St. Stephen's Church began only in the XVII century. Due to the fact that Germany subsequently joined in the Thirty years war, the construction was considerably delayed. If you look at the temple, we can see in it a mixture of several architectural styles, among which are Romanesque, and Baroque and Gothic. The Church acquired these traits through the works of talented architects of the time, among them Antonio Petrini and Giovanni Bonline. Among all the parts of the temple is considered the oldest of its tower, it was built according to some in the XIV century.

Secularization of the early nineteenth century in Bavaria was not spared and this wonderful Church. In 1803 it was closed, but after 5 years, reopened its doors for believers, but as a Protestant Church, consecrated in the name of St. Stephen. In the beginning of the XXI century, work began on the construction of a modern organ, which was completed in 2008. This succeeded in replacing the instrument, Dating from the late nineteenth century.