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Church. Trinity: photo description (Heilige Dreifaltigkeit)

Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity is located in the capital of the Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the city of düsseldorf. This is one of the oldest parish churches located in the now ruined fortified wall.

Parish of the Holy Trinity in the Derendorf district, where the Church now stands, was founded in 1691, and after two or three years had erected the first temple. By the end of the XIX century it was decided to demolish the old building could no longer accommodate all the parishioners. The modern building was finished in 1893. Preserved bronze plaque made in memory of a previous Church.

The temple consists of three naves, designed in the Gothic revival style. Despite serious damage during air attack during the Second world war, the Church quickly recovered, and already in the fifties here were resumed.

The bell tower consists of two floors, its total height is 50 meters. Before the war it was crowned with a neat spire, which has not been restored. Now on top of posted other decoration stone crown. Also on the tower are Golden dial watch.

Inside the Cathedral are preserved several small chapels. In the first altar dedicated to the virgin Mary, placed a sculptural group in 1995, representing the Holy Family. Another chapel designed for the ceremony of Baptism, it is of fine marble baptismal font, decorated with figures of angels. The most brightly decorated choirs and adjacent to the third chapel. Especially noteworthy is the stained glass window depicting Christ Pantocrator, scenes from the New Testament and various saints. In the main altar of the Cathedral is preserved a Gothic Crucifix on the reverse side of which depicts a medallion with the lamb of God. The body of the Church were made after the war in 1959.

In the Church yard is preserved the tomb of the brothers Sommers, who founded the first temple and the whole parish. Antique relief with their names and is inside the Cathedral.