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Church. Ursula: photo description St. Ursula)

The Church of St. Ursula is located near the Cathedral of Cologne. This is one of the most beautiful churches built in the Romanesque architectural style and is located within the city. This Basilica is considered one of the main attractions that tend to visit numerous tourists.

In order to learn more about the history of the Church of St. Ursula, should refer to information received in the course of archaeological excavations. Because they were able to detect the Foundation of the building of the IV century, but, unfortunately, the full appearance of the temple cannot restore. The reason for this was the fact that in the XII century on the site of modern excavation it was totally excavated in search of treasure.

The appearance of the Church, which reached up to the present time, was built in 1106. In order to begin the construction of the Basilica, required a considerable amount of money, she was able to get thanks to the found treasure in the burial site of Roman burial. In the end, built a three-nave Church with a choir loft, as well as cross vaults on the sides. Despite the fact that the architectural style of the Church was Romanesque, in the XIII century the building was enlarged with a Gothic choir, supplemented by numerous window openings.

Changes in the design of the Church St. Ursula was continued in XVII century, when its form began to appear in the Baroque style. Consecrated Basilica, according to legend, after the daughter of the English king who converted to Christianity, and later, together with other girls who accompanied her on the way from England to Basel, was martyred by the Huns, perturbed by the fact that the girl and her companions took a vow of celibacy. The bodies of all of the girls were buried on the site of the present Church of St. Ursula.