/ / The Church Of STS. Apostles: photo description St. Aposteln Kirche)

The Church Of STS. Apostles: photo description St. Aposteln Kirche)

Church of the Holy Apostles is among the cultural attractions of Cologne. This Romanesque Basilica is located in the city and is run by one of the major foundations supporting Romanesque churches. It is believed that the first building on the site of the present Basilica dates back to the IX century, and after another century here was founded a monastery.

Subsequently, construction began on the hall Church, fragments of which can still be seen today. For example, a well-preserved masonry of the outer part of the nave, and the West fork of the transept, and nearly all the Central nave. In 1150, built a new choir in the Western part of the Church, and then the tower, whose height reached 67 meters. Due to this construction the Basilica was the third largest tower in the Romanesque style throughout Europe.

Until the twelfth century the Church building was outside the city wall passed just in front of the Basilica, but in 1106 the construction of new fortifications and walls, due to this she was in the city. In 1150 began a significant restructuring of the building, which could be due to two reasons. At first historians, the reason could be a fire, and in the second it is assumed that at this time began the boom of construction in the entire city of Cologne that could have an impact on the Church of the Holy Apostles.

Unfortunately, from the interior of the Church and that great interior, originally peculiar to the Basilica, virtually nothing remained of the large amount of reconstruction and destruction in the entire history of its existence. Currently almost completely the interior of the Church painted white. It should be noted that the status of Basilica Minor Church of the Holy Apostles was only in 1965. And since 2010 she became the center of one of the Catholic communities of Cologne.