/ / The Church Of STS. Apostles: photos, description (Apostelkirche)

The Church Of STS. Apostles: photos, description (Apostelkirche)

The Leipzig Church of STS. The apostles began its history in 1217, when Ritter von Krolewicz kindly provided the community is not very large plot of land, but its purpose was the construction of the Church. The construction work continued for a long time, but from historical sources it is known that in 1327 in the Church has already conducted services, and in German.

Special value of this Church received in the period from the early 15th to early 16th century, as it became the main parish. In 1450 the building was augmented hexagonal in plan annexe that housed the choir. In 1592, in the County happened a huge fire, which destroyed a lot of buildings. Also injured and Church facilities, in particular, the storage of documents and books.

I must say that this Church has suffered from each of the wars, the Thirty years ' war the building was severely damaged and was completely destroyed a Church organ. Seven years ' war in the early 18th century again had a detrimental effect on the Church of STS. Of the apostles, but after it began active restoration of the building, its premises. Was also a new organ.

From 1851 to 1878, the Church was rebuilt and in the late 90-ies of the 19th century was added to it is the cemetery chapel. The first world war again caused the damage, however after the community is launched, raising funds for reconstruction. This derivation memorial stone located on the North side. The Western facade is in neo-Baroque style, decorated with two figures of Peter and Paul.

The Church of STS. The apostles combines Romanesque, Baroque, neo-Baroque, Gothic and even art Nouveau. Today this Church is among the most interesting sacred buildings in Leipzig.