/ / The Church Of STS. Peter and Paul in Balaha: photo description St. Petrus und Paulus)

The Church Of STS. Peter and Paul in Balaha: photo description St. Petrus und Paulus)

The Catholic parish Church of saints Peter and Paul located in the municipality of bad Bellinger in the German Federal state of Baden-württemberg, on the border with France. The first mention of the construction of this place dates back to 1275, but the building of the Church was made much later.

The oldest surviving part of the temple - a three-story medieval tower, executed in the XIV or XV century. Its summit offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Also the bell tower is crowned with three small crosses and embellished dial watch. Bronze bells were cast in 1956. On the lower floor of the tower preserved bas-reliefs, made in the memory of a noble kind Rothberg-Rainwater, who was a patron of the parish.

The Church building was rebuilt several times and increased in size. The extant building was completed in 1890 and designed in the Gothic revival style. Between the bell tower and the Cathedral preserved ancient area choirs, the survivors of the Second world war.

After the war the Church was seriously damaged, while the restoration work was delayed until the early seventies. Only then was restored or made anew all the interior of the Cathedral, including the altar, tabernacle and ambo. From original details is only preserved Baroque baptismal font. The organ in the Cathedral is modern, it was made in 2012.

Statues of saints patrons of the Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul - are on the left of the main altar, and on the right, in a side altar, stands a statue of the blessed virgin Mary with the Christ child. Another small altar located at the very entrance, and it houses the sculptural group "Pieta", better known as "Pieta".