/ / The Church of the Holy Sacrament:, (St. Sakrament)

The Church of the Holy Sacrament:, (St. Sakrament)

The Church of the Holy Sacrament is a unique temple of düsseldorf, which deserves special attention. In spite of his spiritual mission during the Second world war the Church was used as a real military bunker.

The beginning of the history of this beautiful place refers to 1926, when at the request of a large number of residents of the district of Heerdt was founded a commune called "the Holy Sacrament". For the erection of the Church to the community in 1928 was allocated a plot of land where thanks to the efforts of Professor Holzmeister, work began on the construction of the Church. Unfortunately, offers talented designer was not fully implemented, as the country experienced an economic crisis.

In the period when Germany was ruled by the national socialists, members of the community still held the Liturgy in the existing temporary structure. During the war years on land provided for the construction of the Church, the Nazis were illegally built bunker, where he hid from the bombing of the locals. After the war, the priest Carl Klinkhammer offered to redo the bunker is not just a peaceful object, but to a place where they could pray the congregation.

This idea was supported by the reconstruction of the bunker was engaged Willie Vayres. In 2002 in the tower with the belfry in the renewed Church of the Holy Sacrament was held art exhibition, since then it has become a permanent tradition. Despite the long and difficult reconstruction work, which lasted several years, this Church has become a real Keeper of cultural values. Here you can see the bells, made in the XVII and XVIII centuries. One of the most valuable art objects is the image worshipers, and the blessing of Christ.