/ / The Church is the highway: photo description (Autobahnkirche Baden-Baden)

The Church is the highway: photo description (Autobahnkirche Baden-Baden)

One of the interesting churches in Baden-Baden - the Church of the highway. It is located near the A5 road and certainly attracts attention with its interesting shape. Modern pyramid bears little resemblance to the Church's shape, but the interior of this Church is much more traditional.

The idea of such an unusual shape for such structures came to mind Friedrich Zwingmann, and the Church itself bears the name of St. Christopher, who is traditionally the custodian of the drivers and sailors. The building itself was constructed of wood in combination with concrete and glass, but it produces a surprisingly light impression. The inner space of the Church modernized, but at the expense of the circle, which appears not only in the design of the altar, but also in the stained glass Windows, creates the illusion of involvement in the action, regardless of the location of the person within the Church.

Interestingly, in addition to traditional services there are often held concerts of Church choirs, and phonics to word, allows you to perform serious works so great that take your breath away. Anyone who has ever visited this Church, always comes back here again and again, because of the unique atmosphere of the temple has become famous not only in Germany but also abroad.