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The Stiftskirche Church: photo description (Stiftskirche)

The Church, the Stiftskirche, or collegiate Church, Catholic — the most ancient building in Baden-Baden and the first parish Church of the town. The temple was built and opened in the first half of the 13th century.

Originally executed in the Romanesque style, the Church was transformed. The rebuilding of the temple, made in the 16th century, gave him the characteristic features of late Gothic, in the 18th century style of the buildings was closer to Baroque, and its present form in the Gothic style she acquired in 1867. The Church belongs to the Protestant community. The sculptures of the patron saints of the Church decorate its main portal, the apostles Peter and Paul look down upon the members of the Church.

Attraction of the Church is its organ, first mentions about which date back to the year 1558. In 1689, the organ and the whole Church was destroyed by fire, but later restored. By 2003, all completed work to bring the Church in line with modern requirements of acoustics. Today you can fully enjoy the majestic sound of a musical instrument.

On the top choirs in 1967 on the site of the main altar is a monumental stone cross, established in 1467 by the German sculptor Nicholas Gerhard von Leiden. The cross height is of 6.47 m, it is completely made of limestone.

The Church is 14 decorated with sculptures of the tombs of the electors of Baden. In 1948, for the belfry of the Church was specially cast for nine copper bells, the chime of which is recognizable and attractive not only for tourists but also for residents of the city.