/ / Bavarian national Museum: photos, description (Bayerisches Nationalmuseum)

Bavarian national Museum: photos, description (Bayerisches Nationalmuseum)

The collection of the Bavarian National Museum originates from held in 1885 exhibition in the Fortress of the Duke max, the area which soon proved to be too narrow. The requirements then to the historical Museum, was a fantasy, realized by the architect Gabriel von Seidl in life. The interior is built in 1894-1900 years of the Museum complex is stylistically the same era, whose works are exhibited in the halls, and the appearance of the architectural form and style of construction is just the opposite of the inner content.

The exposition of the Museum includes two large collections of folk art and history of art. In the Department of applied arts exhibits made of crystal, furniture, Christmas scenes with numerous characters. Upstairs: German porcelain, clocks, glass painting, ivory, textiles and gold jewelry.