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Zionskirche: photos, description (Zionskirche)

The Church of the Protestant community Zionskirche was opened in 1873. For its construction were used the money to Fund construction of churches, founded by William I, and the Fund was created 14.06.1861 year in honor of the rescue of the king from assassination attempt on him in Baden-Baden. Construction lasted 7 years on the project Aug Orta.

Zionskirche stands on a hill with a height of 52 meters, which is located at the intersection of three major roads. One of the features of the Church is the orientation of the chancel to the North, and not East, as in most temples. Their fame Church largely owes to the fact that in 1931-1932 there were the vicar Dietrich Bonhoeffer, executed in 1945 for participating in anti-Hitler conspiracy. Since 1988, before Zionskirche builds his monument is the work of Carl Biedermann exhibits.

The Church was seriously damaged during the bombing of 1943. In subsequent years, it was pillaged, in the 46th year to avoid this, lower the Windows of the temple by the decision of the community was walled up.

In 50-60-ies of XX century Zionskirche partially restored and put in order, but extensive restoration work began only in 1988. By this time the Church was practically in an emergency condition, as the heating didn't work, the roof was severely damaged, which could not affect the state of the interior. The re-activation of Windows started only after 2000 years, gradually put in order the interior of the temple.

The Church tower is 22 meter high observation deck, which offers a panoramic view of Berlin. Access to it is open in the afternoons on Sundays. Now, the Church held services in the tower appeared again, the current bell tower, and the restoration work will be completed in full by 2015.