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Chilehaus: photos, description (Chilehaus)

One of the famous buildings in Hamburg - Chilehaus. The building was built in the early 20th century, between 1922 and 1924. Its eleven floors designed by Fritz Hegira, was a breakthrough in architecture. The style of the building, which was used for storage of goods from Chile is positioned as expressionism, and it meets the basic principles of this direction. Another name of the people - the nose of the Ship. It came from the original form of the house.

It is known that the building was commissioned by entrepreneur Henry B. Broken, which just made the bet to trade the saltpetre imported them from Chile. Capital Broken by the early 20-ies accounted for more than 60 million marks, what did the dealer nitrate richest man in Hamburg. Saw at auction a plot of land in the new quarter, Broken bought it, and later it was there and grew Chilehaus. The name the house was given in connection with the tradition that existed in Hamburg, and it was symbolic for the wearer, because the distant country of Chile gave him wealth.

Interestingly, Chilehaus became famous because of one photo. Two famous photographer, Carl and Adolf Dransfeld have used a special lens and took a historic photo Chilihouse. On it building of dark brick looked futuristic and stood out compared to other buildings of Hamburg. The shape of Chilehaus resembles a huge ship, however, it affects a huge number of interesting details. Among them - the fronts with ribbed walls, elegant decoration of ceramics. Experts believe that the shape of the building was caused by the rather restricted size of the plot, but the brilliant architect was able to benefit even from this fact.

Today Chilehaus refer to the list of the most notable monuments of Hamburg. Combining expressionism and a certain amount of eclecticism, the building resembles a Gothic Church in its striving upward. It is noteworthy that it was included in the list of world heritage sites.