/ / The Jurassic Museum: photos, description (Jura-Museum)

The Jurassic Museum: photos, description (Jura-Museum)

The Jurassic Museum - one of the most interesting museums in the small German town of eichstätt. It is located in an ancient castle, towering on a rock above the river Altmühl. In the centre of the exhibition, various fossils, the age of which is estimated in 150 million years. The equipment of the Museum are the envy of many centres, because here, in addition to the exposition you can find a lot of modern features, up to 3D discover.

Needless to say that the spectacular figures of dinosaurs, reptiles and fish cause admiration, not only in adults but also in children, because the Jurassic Museum, as a rule, inscribed in a mandatory tour of the city. Thanks to modern engineering here you can immerse yourself in the ancient world, to know new and interesting about life, the origin of the various species of animals. A special pride of the Museum - aquarium, in which recreated true coral reefs.

One of the founders of the Museum is Franz Xaver Mayer was a priest and a passionate collector, a botanist by training and a romantic at heart. Exactly he is credited with the discovery of deposits in a German limestone which, in fact, began the creation of the Museum. Today the Jurassic Museum boasts a unique collection of fossils, besides, it conducted extensive scientific work.