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Tower Bayenturm: photos, description (Bayenturm)

Tower Bayenturm is among the fortifications of Cologne in the middle Ages it remained the city wall. Anyone can find this impressive structure on the banks of the river Rhine near the waterfront called Rheinauhafen.

The size of the tower can not leave indifferent even the skeptics: this is a two-storey building of octagonal shape formed on a square base and three floors. Having a wall thickness of 2.5 meters and a height of about 35 meters, the tower is perfectly coped with their protective and defensive functions, giving residents peace of mind.

Bayenturm tower was built in 1220. A few decades later she had experienced a difficult test, in 1262 it was stormed by the citizens of the city who rebelled against existed at the time the power of the Archbishop Engelbert II. The capture of such a majestic tower has become one of the most important steps on the path of liberation. Already in 1288, Cologne gained long-awaited independence, and the residence of the Archbishop was moved to Bonn. To commemorate these historic events the inhabitants of the city decided to decorate the tower emblem.

Despite the fact that for several centuries was demolished many walls of the city, Bayenturm survived and retained its original shape until the present time. Restoration in the late XIX century was designed by the architect Josef Stubben that eliminated all damage to the towers, including those received during the fire, which occurred in 1697.

From 1907 to Bayenturm is a Museum of the early history of Cologne, but during the war most of the exhibits were destroyed, and the tower is significantly affected. It was restored only in 1987, based on a drawing of 1895, remaining from Stubben.