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Tower Bottle: photos, description (Bottmuehle)

Balmullo is one of the numerous towers that were built in Cologne in the middle Ages. Wall erected around the city, included more than fifty towers and 12 gates, because the Cologne was considered a well-protected fortress. Tower Bottle was built in the period of extension of the city, it is located near no less well-known tower Bayenturm and Bratislav. Severina. Prior to the beginning of the 16th century in its place stood a wooden mill, which was called the Goat. It is known that the architect of this building was Peter von Gael.

Very soon the tree was decided to replace stone. Architect Alessandro Pasqualini started in 1677, and after a year in Cologne there is a new mill, which successfully combines basalt and local tuff. It is noteworthy that the Italian worked in Cologne previously, creating defensive structures.

In the course of construction in the 16th century the tower had to expand to fit the width of the city wall. Originally the building was crowned with a beautiful conical roof, but soon it was rebuilt, giving it a flat shape. Staying for a long time part of Europe's best defensive complex - and it is known that Cologne won that competition, even in Paris in 1835 the tower was sold to private ownership.

In the early 20th century, in 1911 the tower Bottle went back to the city, and in it was placed one of the offices. The history of its use remembers and the headquarters of the youth movement - the famous Deutsche Windshaft, who in the early 70-ies was replaced by the Socialist youth Union "Sokol".

Today the tower is a real jewel of the middle Ages, preserved in its style and beauty. It should be noted that the structure practically has not suffered during many wars, because the tower is interesting and as an architectural monument.