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Tower Seestorm: photos, description (Seelturm)

The tower, known as Seestorm, was built in Ulm in the 14th century and were in the nature of fortifications. Since it was an integral part of the city wall, and her style was as close to existed in the 14th century trends: the masonry, the height of the building, the roof - all done in strict harmony. The tower height was 20 meters, it was pretty much for the 14th century, but functionally it served as part of the system, pumping water, and if you speak the modern language, by the pump station.

The name of Seestorm received from one of the houses, which in those days was located outside the city limits: home Seelaus intended for the care of patients. The tower was built by talented engineers, so it for a long time been a strategic reserve of water for the entire city if city gate had permanently closed. In the process of building was used not only traditional materials: water tanks made of special grade oak with copper lining, thus achieved not just save water, but also its purity, because the oak tree has disinfectant properties.

In the late 19th century, when the city got its own water supply, there is no need to use a tower for the purpose. And yet, it has remained one of those buildings, which offer great views of Ulm. Today, the tower Seestorm necessarily included in tourist routes, because she is a living reminder of the history of the city, besides, the building itself is well preserved despite the wars and destruction that have affected Ulm.