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Tower Otherterm: photos, description (Metzgerturm)

Tower Otherterm, which translated means "tower of the butcher", also known as the "leaning tower of Ulm". Otherterm is a well preserved part of the medieval fortifications, or rather their gates. Square brick tower with narrow pointed arch of the passage and ending with a steep roof, built in 1345. At a height of about 36 meters tower Otherterm rejected to the Northwest by about 2 meters. The angle of the building is 3.3 degrees (a little less than the famous leaning tower of Pisa).

With the "leaning tower" is one of the most interesting urban legends. In a bad year, when meat became too expensive, butchers Ulm began to add in the sausages sawdust. While their price remained the same. Outraged by such antics of the townspeople rebelled and locked the liars in the city tower. The residents demanded that the city Council and mayor stiff penalties for butchers. When angry, the mayor of Ulm entered the room, frightened, and fat sausage makers retreated a few steps back and huddled together in one corner. Then and bent the tower could not stand very well-fed Scam. Since then, stands and tower of butcher " careening, Recalling those ancient events.

Of course, it's nothing more than a beautiful legend. In fact, the tower Otherterm "falls" because the medieval builders who installed it on marshy soil.