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Tower Frankenturm: photos, description (Frankenturm)

Tower Frankenturm is one of three preserved in Trier houses-fortresses, representing a residential building with a special defensive functions. Despite the fact that the tower was built in the 11th century, several centuries after the fall of the Roman dominion, in its external appearance, the materials used and method of laying is clearly visible traditional Roman style.

Tower Frankenturm is a building of rectangular form with alternating brick and stone masonry. As in other houses, fortresses of Trier, the entrance to the tower was on the second floor, to reach it was only in the kitchen a wooden staircase. In case of danger, the ladder was raised and the tower was impregnable. Researchers proved the existence of at least seven similar defensive residential structures in medieval Trier.

The name of the house was in the 14th century in honor of its owner Frank von Senheim. Then, in 1308 first of a five-story tower was partially demolished, leaving only 2.5 floors under a flat roof. Some time in the house lived the officials of the bishops of Trier. In 1938, the building was renovated, in particular, added battlements on the roof. In 2006-2007, there was extensive restoration of the tower Frankenturm through private donations of citizens. Currently the building is used for various city events and is rented for private celebrations.