/ / Berlin state Opera: photos, description (Staatsoper Berlin)

Berlin state Opera: photos, description (Staatsoper Berlin)

One of the most interesting theatres in Germany - Berlin state Opera - boasts its rich history. The date of its Foundation is considered the year 1742, and the first theatre role was the role of the Court Opera during the reign of Frederick II. The first performance played in the theater, was "Caesar and Cleopatra" by German composer Graun. Then occurred the fateful event - the Opera of Berlin and began work with the Berlin Staatskapelle, and this cooperation continues to this day.

Nearly a century passed before the terrible fire, when the Opera house was so damaged that it is simply rebuilt. In 1843, the Berlin Opera was opened again. I must say that through this scene have been many famous European premieres of operas, including the famous "Free hand" of Wagner, in many cases, the conductor stood by the composers.

In the 20th century, the Berlin Opera, he worked many talented and famous composers, among whom were Richard Strauss, and Bruno Walter, and the names of the conductors Otto Klemperer and Alexander von Zelinskogo rattled by the whole world. In the terrible period of world war II, the troupe suffered, because she had dismissed all the Jews, but in contrast to the theater, Herbert von Karajan - talented musician and Director who has worked in the theater until 1945. During the war the Opera has repeatedly bombed, but each time was restored, because it was a favorite place of recreation for officers of the Third Reich. Final post-war reconstruction of the building of the Opera house of Berlin occurred in 1955.

Modern history continues: in 2010, the Berlin state Opera was closed for renovation and there are now plans for the construction of a new building, which is old Opera unite various underground and elevated transitions. The main task, which set themselves the contemporary architects - to restore the Opera to its original appearance, and all the technical rooms, rehearsal halls and administrative offices will be relocated to the new building.