/ / Berlin gallery: photo description (Berliner the gemaeldegalerie)

Berlin gallery: photo description (Berliner the gemaeldegalerie)

Gemäldegalerie - one of the real pearls not only in German but also in the world necklace art museums. In Europe, this gallery is one of the most desired objects for everyone who loves classical painting. Geographically the gallery is located near Potsdamerplatz in the culture forum.

The date of the opening of the Berlin picture gallery - 1830. Certainly, the building had different times, but at the end of the last century was made the decision to move the gallery to a new home. In 1998 the art gallery of Berlin once again opened its halls to visitors. Today in this gallery to exhibit works by Rubens and Rembrandt, Bosch and Caravaggio, dürer and Botticelli, and many others. The building was built with the necessary parameters, in particular, in the halls of the gallery created optimal conditions for works of art which can surely be called priceless.

A new building for the gallery was created by three German architects - Heinz Hillrom, Hristofor Sattler and Thomas Albrecht. The decoration of the facade a sense of Renaissance, but you can also find and real Prussian classicism. The highlight of the Berlin art gallery is a foyer, decorated with two rows of slender columns and glass domes in the amount of 32 pieces. Also, the project harmoniously combined the fountain.

Just a gallery of more than seven dozen exhibition halls, whose total area is about seven thousand square meters. At the same time in the gallery can exhibit 900 paintings, and in addition the ground floor has a so-called thumbnail gallery where you can see up to four hundred paintings. The total number of paintings that exist today in the storerooms and collections of the Museum is no less than 3,500 paintings, which are divided by periods into 10 sections.

The Berlin art gallery is cooperating with many museums of Europe and the world, so in its vaults often present painting, given for temporary use. Similarly, many private collectors are honored to give their paintings here for exhibits for any event.