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Aula Carolina: photos, description (Aula Carolina)

Aula Carolina, a former Church of the monastery of St. Catherine, owned by the Augustinian order is located in the historic centre of Aachen. The first mention of the construction of the Church on the site dated to the 13th century.

In 1275 monks, Augustinians, arrived in the city, was transferred to the use of the old chapel with a small dwelling house. They rebuilt the chapel in the monastery Church. Thanks to the personal intervention and financial support of crowned in Aachen, Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, the monastery of St. Catherine to 1351 year significantly expanded their holdings. In the big town fire in 1656, the convent buildings, including the Aula Carolina, was nearly destroyed.

11 may 1663 and was consecrated the new, the extant building of the monastery Church, which was erected on the same Foundation. As a result of secularization during the French occupation the monastery of St. Catherine was dissolved, Aula Carolina and other buildings were used for other purposes. From 1804 to 1903 the building of the former monastery served as premises for the grammar school of Emperor Charles. From that time to the present day Aula Carolina was used as a school and town hall for concerts, meetings, exhibitions and other events.

During the Second world war the building was badly damaged in the bombing. Only in 1980 it was completely rebuilt and restored to its former appearance.