/ / The Berlin film Museum: photo description (Filmmuseum Berlin)

The Berlin film Museum: photo description (Filmmuseum Berlin)

The film Museum in Berlin, first opened in 1963, and its Creator is considered one of the best German Directors - Gerhard Lamprecht. The purpose of the Museum, which was initially considered not only film, but television was attracting the attention of tourists to modern technology to make movies. However, oddly enough, the Museum was in an unenviable position, until he "moved" in one of the most famous centres of the German capital SonyCenter. Potsdamer Platz was transformed, she grew a complex of metal and glass with many entertainment venues and shops, its own infrastructure.

With the beginning of a new life Museum, designed in a modern style, has become one of the most visited, and in 2006 he was awarded the status of a National film archive. Today, in his annals comprise slightly less than thirteen thousand films in the German cinema and the global. Among the interesting exhibits is worth noting one of the most extensive collections in the world of cinema tickets over the years. There are posters, posters, posters in General, promotional products, where you can even learn the advertising business in Germany.

The Museum consists of 13 rooms, which gradually reveals the history of cinema, which has in Germany a very bright development. We should also mention the collection of equipment: movie cameras, which were filming the first movie, alongside with digital art, and besides, everyone can try yourself in the role of operator. One of the iconic German configur - Marlene Dietrich honored in a separate exhibition, which shows all the sections of her work: before, and after the war.

The architects and designers of the new building of the Museum delights visitors with an amazing combination of modern materials, light, mirrors and special effects.