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Hospital Church of Spitalkirche: photos, description (Spitalkirche)

Hospital Church of Spitalkirche in Bayreuth is a small and incredibly graceful temple, located near the Market square. Interestingly, in this small German town medicine was developed in the Middle ages. The first hospital that could handle everybody, was opened in Bayreuth in 1398. If it existed a small Church, but very soon she could no longer cope with the number of people wishing to attend the service there.

The Church itself, in question, is called Hospital and was built in the late 18th century. The architects of the buildings were Joseph St-Pierre and Rudolf Heinrich Richter. It is known that in those days was a court architect, so he was assigned the most important projects in Bayreuth. The first stone of the Hospital of the Church was laid in 1748, and two years later it was consecrated. For those times that the construction period was considered fast, however no detail was overlooked, everything was done in exact accordance with the plan.

Spitalkirche the ceilings were painted with frescoes, which from Dresden was caused by the famous Johann Benjamin Mueller. And the plaster of the walls was entrusted to local master talented Rodolfo Albini. Among the other ecclesiastical buildings, Bayreuth hospital Church stood out for its rich decoration. Also in this Church was an organ, which gathered the German masters.

Today Spitalkirche is not only well-preserved old Church, where the parishioners gather for services, but also a powerful cultural center. Organ concerts attract music lovers from all over Germany, as well as tourists from other countries, and classical music concerts in Bayreuth is known far beyond the borders of this small German town.