/ / Botanical garden Plants and flowers: photos, description (Planten un Blomen)

Botanical garden Plants and flowers: photos, description (Planten un Blomen)

The famous Botanic garden "Plants and flowers" is located in the Central part of Hamburg. Originally it housed Zoological gardens, in the 30-ies of XX century it was reconstructed according to the project designed by architect Carl Plomino. This was done on purpose for a major German exhibition of garden plants.

In 1986 there was a pretty significant event for the city: the Botanical garden and Park called "Plants and flowers" were attached to Small and Large parks on the shaft, as well as Old Botanical garden. The total area of this attraction of Hamburg is more than 47 acres. This is an amazing place which contains a huge number of well-groomed lawns, beautiful flower beds, small lakes and a truly idyllic streams.

Heart of the Botanical garden is a Rose garden, designed in the classical style. It was formed in 1994 and every year pleases and impresses every visitor with the variety of roses, the number of which reaches three hundred varieties. Here you can find both tea and English flowers and wild roses. In the period of flowering of this garden in a Park in a romantic atmosphere of the concerts of classical music.

The pride of the Park is the Japanese garden, which is located between Hamburg fair and Congress center. This amazing part of the Botanical garden was created in 1990 thanks to the efforts and works of the Japanese architect Araki Esikuri. Here you can find not only a wonderful tea house, built in rustic style, where periodically on the terrace conducting a tea ceremony, but also of plants typical for the country of the rising sun.

Botanic garden "Plants and flowers" has become a favorite place for a relaxing and enjoyable of spending time together and children and adults.