/ / Botanical garden of Dusseldorf: photo description (Botanischer Garten Dusseldorf)

Botanical garden of Dusseldorf: photo description (Botanischer Garten Dusseldorf)

Botanical garden of düsseldorf is one of the interesting sights of the city, which attracts with its beauty, a huge number of visitors. It is in the realm belonging to the University of düsseldorf. The garden was established quite recently, in 1974, but currently it already has over 6 thousand different plants of special interest.

The Botanical garden has a special structure, it is specially divided into several sections to share their plants for specific directions. Close attention is drawn to the greenhouse, impressive for its size. It is made in the form of a large dome, and its height is thirteen meters. In this place are gathered the rarest plants brought from Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Here not only create for them special conditions, but also carry a varied selection of work.

You can not go past this remarkable corner of this beautiful Botanical garden, which is called the Alpine slide. Here, all visitors are presented the most unique plants that are characteristic of the Caucasus, Japan and China, Central Europe and America. In this area you can see the sector of conifers and rare species grown on the volcanic rocks. The greenhouse, which has an area of 300 sq m, will not leave indifferent any visitor and the tourist, as it is possible not just to see the rare representatives of the flora of the Mediterranean, but also enjoy the amazing beauty of the submitted samples.

The Park, located on the territory of the Botanical garden of düsseldorf attracts many green areas, various monuments and sculptures of contemporary architects and amazingly beautiful Fairy fountain.